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The primary responsibility of the Addressing department is to assign street addresses to all structures in Orangeburg County that require an address. This office also assigns and/or approves road names for the County. If you have any questions relating to the addressing of a structure, please contact our office at (803) 533-6168. You may also reach us via the contact form at the bottom of the page. Be sure to select "addressing dept." from the dropdown menu in order to direct the message to the proper staff member.

Frequently Asked Questions about Addressing:

  • Q. How can I go about obtaining an address for my house/mobile home/business, etc.?
  • A. You may apply for an address in the Addressing Office located in the County Administrative Center at 1437 Amelia Street in Orangeburg. Before an address can be assigned to mobile homes, a septic tank permit must be obtained from DHEC prior to assignment of an address.
  • Q. How long does the address assignment process take?
  • A. Some lots within subdivisions and mobile home parks already have addresses assigned to them. Addresses for these locations can be obtained immediately from the Addressing Department. If staff from the Addressing Office must visit your location, an address is generally available within 4-5 working days of the application having been received.
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Addressing Coordinator

  • Earline Robinson
  • Office: (803) 533-6169
  • Fax: (803) 531-7256