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Welcome to the Orangeburg County Business License Department Page!

The Business License department is a new department within the County of Orangeburg. We are committed to helping the citizens and business owners of Orangeburg County and of visiting areas.

Business License Documents

All businesses with a physical location (brick and mortar building or home occupation) in the County of Orangeburg will be subject for approval by the Zoning Department before a business license will be issued.

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Agriculture Forestry Hunting & Fishing Farmers-Application
Row Crop Production & Animal Production-Application
Code of Ordinance
Business License Application
Contractor's Business License Application
Out of County Contractor's Business License Application
Booth Renters Listing
Contractor's Info Sheet
Rental Property Listing
Q:What is a business license?
A:Business licenses are permits issued by government agencies that allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the government's geographical jurisdiction. It is the authorization to start a business issued by the local government.
Q:Who is required to obtain a license?
A:Every person engaged or intending to engage in any calling, business, occupation or profession, in whole or part, within the limits of County of Orangeburg, South Carolina is required to pay an annual license fee for the purpose of doing business and obtain a business license.
Q:When do I need a business license?
A:Any time a person or business is (1) physically located in or (2) conducts business in the unincorporated areas of Orangeburg County, i.e., outside a city limits, regardless of where the business is located, an annual business license fee is required.
Q:When does the business license expire?
A:All business licenses will expire on December 31st.
Q:When is payment due for the business license?
A:Payment is due upon applying for all new businesses and March 31st for all business license renewals.
Q:What gross should be reported for the license renewal?
A:Your business license should be renewed based on the gross income for the previous calendar year (January 1st – December 31st) or portion thereof if your company did not operate the entire year.
Q:How is the fee calculated?
A:The cost for the business license is calculated by using the gross income as required by SC Code Sec. 4-9-30(12) and the rate scale set in the ordinance. See excel spreadsheet listed below for help or call (803) 268-2923.
Q:Are rates calculated the same for revenue in the millions?
A:After income exceeds one million, the rates start declining and there is a cap at ten million. Any revenue over ten million does not require additional fees.
Q:When will penalties be assessed?
A:On April 1st a 5% penalty will be assessed. The penalty will increase 5% each month the license fee is delinquent.
Q:Are there different rates for in-county and out of county businesses?
A:Yes, the out of county fees are double the in-county rates.
Q:If I am doing more than one type of business activity at my business, do I need more than one business license?
A:It depends. The current ordinance requires a separate license for each place of business and for each classification of business conducted at one place. However, a business may choose whether or not to identify how much revenue is generated by each type of business occurring at the business. If the business does not wish or is not able to separate the amount of income generated by each business activity, the business license fee will be calculated on the combined gross income. However, each business activity may require different County approvals.
Q:My business is in a City or Town, do I also need a County License?
A:No, if your business is not located in unincorporated Orangeburg County and you do no business in the unincorporated areas of the County, you will not need a County license.

For any questions pertaining to the County of Orangeburg Business License please refer to the Ordinance listed below or contact us at the information listed below.

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