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Why Recycle?

Recycling helps save natural resources! For each ton of recycled glass used to make new glass, nine gallons of fuel are saved. When paper is made from recycled fibers, 58% less water is used - compared to making paper from raw materials. Recycling helps save energy! One aluminum can saves enough energy to power a television set for one hour. Two gallons of used motor oil has enough energy to power the average home for 24 hours. Recycling helps save landfill space! It costs tax payers millions of dollars to construct new landfills. The less that goes into a landfill, the longer it will last. To complete the recycling process, BUY RECYCLED products and those packaged in recycled material.

Let's Recycle

E-Scrap Disposal

Effective 1 July, 2011, it is against the law, SC. Code of Law, 48-60-90, to dispose of computers, computer monitors, computer components, printers, and televisions as well as parts of any of these items in the Orangeburg County landfill or any landfill in South Carolina. Commercial customers will have to recycle these items with a bonafide recycler or take back program from the retailer/manufacturer. Residential customers need to utilize take back programs from the retailer/manufacturer. The DHEC website (www.scdhec.gov) will provide more information on this. If the take back programs cannot be utilized, Orangeburg County will provide four (4) drop off sites for residents only.

Recycle: Used Motor Oil, Bottles & Filters

Used motor oil, oil filters and empty motor oil bottles frequently are disposed of improperly. One gallon of used motor oil poured on the ground or in a sewer system can contaminate as much as 1 million gallons of water - often the very water we drink. To make proper disposal easy and convenient, containers for used motor oil, oil filters and oil bottles can be found at recycling centers throughout Orangeburg County.

Acceptable Recycling Items and Disposal

Do you know what items can and cannot be recycled? This list provides the most common items frequently recycled and how you can prepare them for the recycling process. For additional information on recycling, please visit SCDHEC.gov. For directions and locations of all Collection Centers, please visit the Collection Center page.

ItemItem TypePreparationRcycle Location
Aluminum CansFood and beverage cansRinse and flatten All Collection Centers
Appliances (White Goods)See scrap metal belowSee scrap metal below All Collection Centers
Batteries, Lead-Acid Batteries from automobiles, boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers, etc.N/A All Collection Centers
CardboardCorrugated cardboard boxes (no wax finish); pizza boxes; paperboard boxes (e.g., cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.)Flatten and keep items dry All Collection Centers
Farm Chemical Bottles & JugsHerbicides, insecticides, etc.Containers must be triple-rinsed with all labels & caps removed and must not be in cardboard boxes Branchville, Vance, Bozard Rd., Springfield
Cooking OilOlive, palm, soybean, canola, pumpkin seed, corn, sunflower, safflower, peanut, grape seed, sesame, argan, rice bran and other vegetable oils etc.N/A All Collection Centers
Farmer OilOil from farm equipmentLimit 55 gallons per visit Santee
Gasoline/Oil Mixtures 2-cycle and 4-cycle engine oilsLimit 5 gallons per visit Santee
GlassClear, green & brown glass bottles & jars. Window glass, drinking glasses, pottery, porcelain & China ARE NOT acceptedRinse (Labels do not have to be removed) Santee
Newspaper & InsertsNewspapers & glossy inserts; carbon paper or partially burned paper ARE NOT acceptedN/A All Collection Centers
Scrap MetalAppliances, stoves, washers & dryers, refrigerators, grills, bicycles, etc.N/A All Collection Centers
Used Motor Oil, Oil Bottles & Oil FiltersUsed motor oil, filters & bottles (oil must be free of gasoline or diesel fuel) & other petroleum productsN/A All Collection Centers
Yard TrimmingsSmall tree branches, leaves, Christmas trees, etc.Limbs must be no longer than 4 feet long and 6 inches in diameter All Collection Centers