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Mitigation Projects

Another important task of Emergency Services is to identify problem areas in the response plan and mitigate the emergency before it happens. What exactly is Mitigation? Mitigation is the effort taken to help reduce the loss of life and property by lessening the impact of natural disasters. This may include identifying hazardous environments and isolating them from development or altering the environment (i.e., flood zones). Mitigation projects include: business disaster planning workshops, disaster preparedness for seniors through Meals on Wheels, and National Weather Servies Storm Ready Designation. Check below for possible hazards in your area.

Below is the Orangeburg County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan. It gives a brief explanation of department responsibilities.
Mitigation Actions (.pdf)

Orangeburg County Hazard Area Maps (opens in new window)

  • Critical Facilities
    Critical Facilities
  • Earth Quake Hazards
    Earth Quake Hazards
  • Flood Risks
    Flood Risks
  • Hurricane Hazards
    Hurricane Hazards
  • Storm Hazards
    Storm Hazards
  • Tornado Hazards
    Tornado Hazards