Notice of Candidate Filing

Thinking about being a candidate for election? On this page are some necessary steps that one must take before becoming eligible in an election. For more information about candidate filing, please visit the South Carolina Elections website or contact Voter Registration.

Primary Elections

Petition Candidates

  • Petitions must have signatures of 5% of registered voters of geographical area of office for which he/she offers as a candidate
  • No filing fees apply
  • View the Petition Form (PDF)

School Board - Non-Partisan:

Municipal Elections - Non-Partisan:

Soil and Water Conservation Commissioner - Non Partisan:

  • File petition with Orangeburg County Election Commission
  • No filing fee
  • Petition must have signatures of 100 registered voters within Orangeburg County

Watershed Candidates:                                                                                           

Responsibilities of the Watershed Commissioner include:

  • Overseeing maintenance and repairs to the dams and drainage canals
  • Addressing soil and water issues in the watershed
  • Preventing structures from being located in the flood pool


  • Elected to four-year terms
  • Must be registered voters
  • Live in the watershed
  • Statement of Candidacy form must be filed with Orangeburg County Voter Registration & Election Office
  • No filing fee