Support Services


Support Services provides clerical and specialized support to the operations of the Sheriff’s Office. They are responsible for compiling and maintaining all records and reports in the department, as well as providing copies to the public and preparing Uniform Crime Reports required by the FBI and the State Law Enforcement Division.


Impound Lot

Vehicles that are towed, recovered, or seized by the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office are stored in the impound lot.


The Quartermaster is responsible for ensuring all Sheriff’s Office vehicles, units, and equipment are maintained according to county, state, and federal standards. The Quartermaster also responds to critical incidents with the appropriate equipment and personnel.


Complainants can retrieve copies of incident reports during regular business hours at:
1520 Ellis Avenue
Orangeburg, SC 29118

Complainants must present proper identification to obtain the report.

Front Desk

The front desk is staffed by courteous, knowledgeable employees who direct visitors of the Law Enforcement Complex to the appropriate personnel to resolve their requests.

Submit an Online Incident Report.